Resources for those who cannot understand TPL files

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Resources for those who cannot understand TPL files

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TPL file resources

What are TPL files used for?

TPL files are a definition that makes up the web interface that phpBB is presented in. A web interface is traditionally presented in HTML format, a set of tags that allows you to share formatted information with anybody who has access to the internet and a free web browser. Thus the phpBB2 template files contain X-HTML1.0 Transitional tags to define the interface.

X-HTML1.0 is presented in ASCII or Unicode format, that can be edited in the most basic text editors on any operating system. In Microsoft® Windows, they can be edited in notepad.

NOTE: If you Don't understand at least basic HTML then phpBB2 Templates may not be your thing.

How to understand phpBB2 Templating syntax

The following is a list of resources that are useful to understanding phpBB2 specific templating syntax used in the phpBB2 template (TPL) files.

The following is a list of resources that are useful to understanding phpBB2 template config files, their syntax and how to use the, (CFG files)
What can you use to edit TPL files

You can use any ASCII text editor to edit your TPL files, but you may want to use something a little more visual if you have trouble visualising HTML. This is a list of Programs that can be used to edit phpBB2 template files.
  • Macromedia® Dreamweaver - WYSIWYG WIN/MAC
  • Microsoft FrontPage - WYSIWYG WIN
  • Notepad WIN
  • WordPad WIN NOTE: has better line break control than Notepad, make sure you save in plaintext and not rich text
  • BBedit MAC
TIP: Do not edit TPL files in Microsoft Word.
TIP: Be careful with WYSIWYG editors as they may disrupt blocks and switches.
TIP: In WYSIWYG editors turn on Hidden tags so you can see where comments (switches and blocks) lie within the document.

What phpBB2 variables can I use in my TPL files

The following is a listing of every phpBB2 template variable listed by TPL file. The list does not include admin panel variables and is based on phpBB2.0.3.
The above file is quite big, and would be a useful download if you need it for repeated reference.

If you have any other resources that may help people understand TPL files please post them here and I'll add to this post as necessary.
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