phpBB 2.0.18 har släppts

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phpBB 2.0.18 har släppts

Inlägg av PazZze »

läs det Kail inlägg nedan...
Senast redigerad av PazZze den 2005-10-31 09:31, redigerad totalt 1 gånger.
Joel PazZze Martinsson - phpBB Sverige Support

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Inlägg av Kail »

Va? Fick just detta mejl:
The phpBB Group is pleased to announce the release of phpBB 2.0.18, "The Halloween Special" release.

This is a major update to the 2.0.x codebase and includes fixes for numerous bugs reported by users to our Bug Tracker, as well as updates to those issues identified by the recent security audit of the code and a couple of security issues reported to us. In addition we have backported a further feature from our "Olympus" codebase to change the way automatic logins are handled.

We would like to thank all of those who take part in the security audit of the code for their work.

Please read the original announcement at

The changes:

- [Fix] incorrect handling of password resets if admin activation is enabled (Bug #88)

- [Fix] retrieving category rows in index.php (Bug #90)

- [Fix] improved index performance by determining the permissions before iterating through all forums (Bug #91)

- [Fix] wrong topic redirection after login redirect (Bug #94)

- [Fix] improved handling of username lists in admin_ug_auth.php (Bug #98)

- [Fix] incorrect removal of bbcode_uid values if bbcode has been turned off (Bug #100)

- [Fix] correctly preview signature if editing other users posts (Bug #101)

- [Fix] incorrect alt tag on generated search images in groupcp.php, viewtopic.php and usercp_viewprofile.php (Bug #102)

- [Fix] consistent forum ordering in all dropdown boxes (Bug #106)

- [Fix] correctly get compression status in page_tail.php and page_footer_admin.php (Bug #117)

- [Fix] set page title on summary page of groupcp.php (bug #125)

- [Fix] correctly test style and avatar in usercp_register.php (bug #129 and #317)

- [Fix] handling of reactivation notifications if admin activation is enabled (Bug #145)

- [Fix] handling of both forms of translation information used in language packs (Bug #159)

- [Fix] key length for activation keys fixed in usercp_sendpassword.php (Bug #171)

- [Fix] use GENERAL_MESSAGE constant in message_die instead of MESSAGE (Bug #176)

- [Fix] incorrect handling of move stubs (Bug #179)

- [Fix] wrong mode_type in memberlist (Bug #187)

- [Fix] SQL errors when setting maximum PMs to 0 (Bug #188)

- [Fix] removed unused variable from topic_notify email template (Bug #210)

- [Fix] removed unset variable from smilies popup window title (Bug #224)

- [Fix] removed duplicate template assignment from admin_board.php (Bug #226)

- [Fix] incorrect search link for guest posts in modcp.php (Bug #254)

- [Fix] all users removed from topics watch table on special occassions (Bug #271)

- [Fix] correctly check returned value from strpos in append_sid function (Bug #275)

- [Fix] correctly display username in private message notification (Bug #278)

- [Fix] fixed "var-by-ref" errors (Bug #322)

- [Fix] changed redirection to installation (Bug #325)

- [Fix] added timout of 10 seconds to version check (Bug #348)

- [Fix] fixed user_level default in postgresql schema file (Bug #444)

- [Fix] multiple minor HTML issues with subSilver

- [Change] deprecated the use of some PHP 3 compatability functions in favour of the native equivalents

- [Change] added 60 days limit for grabbing unread topics in index.php

- [Sec] backport of session keys system from olympus

- [Sec] fixed email bans to use the same pattern as email validation and allow wildcard domain bans

- [Sec] fixed validation of topic type when posting

- [Sec] unset database password once it is no longer needed

- [Sec] fixed potential to select images outside the specified path as avatars or smilies

- [Sec] fix globals de-registration code for PHP5 - (Stefan Esser/Matt Kavanagh)

- [Sec] changed avatar gallery code sections to prevent possible injection points (AnthraX101)

- [Sec] signature field is not properly sanitised for user input when an error occurs while accessing the avatar gallery (AnthraX101)

- [Sec] check to_username and ownership when editing a PM (AnthraX101)

- [Sec] fixed ability to edit PM's you did not send (depablo84)

- [Sec] compare imagetype on avatar uploading to match the file extension from uploaded file

the phpBB Group
Jakob Persson - Grundare av phpBB Sverige - IT-konsult -
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Support - Ledare
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Inlägg av Holger »

Japp 2.0.18 är korrekt.
Oj, det är ju en omfattande update!

Till alla: uppdatera!
Holger Gremminger
Ingen support via PM!

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Inlägg av PazZze »

till alla som redan uppdaterat:
uppdatera igen!

we just noticed that some changes were not checked in to CVS and thus been missing within the
released 2.0.18 packages.
We repackaged phpBB 2.0.18 and also updated the changed files package.

Please have a look at the original announcement at for all changes.
The files in question are common.php (just one tiny change) and includes/usercp_register.php
(several changes).

For all of you having uploaded the packages or the code changes to their sites, please grab the
packages again and inform your users about the

Sorry for the inconvenience. We will evaluate what went wrong internally and why this happened.

the phpBB Group.
Joel PazZze Martinsson - phpBB Sverige Support


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